The city through a whole different perspective.

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The first Street Art Tour in Lisbon

Every time you book a tour with us, you are also contributing to the art-scenery of Lisbon through our Yesyoucan.spray collective.

Part of the money you pay goes directly to finance the creation of Street Art pieces and gives you the chance to contribute to the art, culture and life of the city.

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Our Tours are for every occasion, every age and every budget. All of them will:

  • Take you on a 2h30 to 3 hours walk through Lisbon's urban art scenery.
  • Walk you through the different neighborhoods of Lisbon.
  • Make sure you have fun while you learn something new.
  • Make you feel part of a cultural and immersive dialogue.
  • Use part of the revenue to create new Street Art pieces.

By joining us, you get to...

Discover, explore and experience one of the most beautiful and creative cities of Europe through an artistic and fun way.

Contribute to the development of the art-scenery of Lisbon through our Yesyoucan.spray collective.

Learn about various portuguese and international artists, their styles and their techniques.

Dive into the history and culture of the city and the political, economical & social issues that raised its street art & graffiti scene.

They discovered Street Art with us!

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But... what does everyone say about us?

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This tour shows the whole new world! From peaceful carnation revolution to rethinking the role of women. We've walked through both the city center and some disctricts with bad reputation. Vero (our guide) tried her best to inspire everyone to go on streets and make art. Tons of interesting stories about artists and their works, great local recommendation and details about street culture itself. Don't miss this chance to see Lisboa from its creative and free-minded side!

Di Sarmuzinova

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This tour totally opened my eyes up to the city, and the world of street art. It's a really informative and fun tour - taking in incredible sights, stories and let's you see the fabric of Lisbon in a very different way! Don't think twice - if you have only a day in Lisbon this is the best way to get some exercise and soak in the sights. If you are here longer, it's a priceless way to get your bearings. Big Love!

Danny Panther Eyes

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Thank you very much for the excellent, intelligent tour. I felt that for a few hours you had turned the streets of Lisbon into a huge and impressive museum

Michal Hawn

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